1652  First Independent Congregation in Beccles formally constituted.

1687  Land purchased in Hungate, followed by building of the first Meeting House on the site around 1690.

1773-1803 Joseph Heptinstall's ministry leads to considerable church growth.

1812  New Independent Chapel erected on the existing site during the ministry of Isaac Sloper (1803-1834).

1836  Building greatly extended, with a new enlarged facade and galleries.

1861 Substantial two storey extensions to rear of the church building adding a minister's vestry and school rooms.

1879-1880  School hall built alongside the church and further substantial alterations - high pulpit, new pews, arched apse for organ, balustrade etc.

1972  Now a United Reformed Church (URC) following amalgamation of the Congregational and Presbyterian Churches.

1977  Beccles Methodists move to join with the United Reformed Church at Hungate Church. Further alterations - high pulpit removed, false ceiling installed and choir seated on chairs.

1983  Church lounge added linking church with hall and including new toilets and kitchen.

2003  Interior of church extensively remodelled, modernised and improved - pews replaced with chairs, extra cloakrooms, 1977 false ceiling removed and canopy installed, new access to worship area from the lounge.

2013   Our own Rev Don Moxon compiled an history entitled "THE STORY OF HUNGATE CHURCH, BECCLES 1652 - 2012.  An Independent and Methodist Church History of an East Anglian Town".